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                             Literacy at Knowsley Central

Pupils are offered a wealth of experiences to develop their English skills in age and ability appropriate ways.

Where appropriate we follow Ann Sullivan’s, Phonics for pupils with SEN, scheme which is taught through interactive games and activities.

The school greatly encourages shared reading and children are read to throughout the school day. For those children who are able, independent reading is completed on a daily basis. Where we feel children need a little more help with their reading we use Thriving Reading and Accelerated Reading to offer further support. Story sacks are used throughout the school to help engage and excited our children. During the academic year we also participate in library visits where children can enjoy and share books personally and with others. We are currently refurbishing our own school library which we’re really excited to open. Look out for information about its opening and how to support our reading provision.

For children at the earliest stage of writing, sensory mark making provides them with opportunities to be able to explore form, pattern, line and tracking. It enables children to develop the early skills of moving from left to right, associating own movements to marks made. Children also take part in Dough Disco on a daily basis to help improve fine motor skills.

As they develop mark making becomes more purposeful and allows children a wealth of opportunities to investigate writing for a purpose, developing control in using tools and creating marks such as vertical, horizontal patterns and simple shapes. We promote and encourage pupils in the early acquisition of these skills through dedicated mark making areas within each classroom. Writing and mark making is also celebrated across the school with teachers encouraged to use pupils own writing and mark making on display where possible.

Writers who are working at National Curriculum levels are encouraged to participate in talk for writing and cross curricular writing opportunities through our thematic curriculum. This includes specific writing skills such as handwriting and learning about forms and features of different writing styles.

                             Numeracy at Knowsley Central

Maths at Knowsley Central is split into programmes of study covering number, space, shape and measure and where applicable statistics.

At the earliest level there is an emphasis on the experience and emerging awareness of touch, communication, vision, movement and sensory exploration. Children work at reacting, responding, engaging and cooperating in a variety of ways using their senses. As skills develop there is a focus on developing pupil’s skills in the number system, calculations, measures, shape and space whilst seeking to use and apply them in a wide range of contexts.

Children further develop their skills in number, shape, space, measures and handling data with added emphasis on the number system, place value, addition and subtraction (both written and mental methods), multiplication and division (including times tables and written methods), fractions, algebra and using and applying skills. These processes are supported by our calculations policy which is consistently used across school.

Children are encouraged to be independent in solving problems, asking questions and recording their workings. Children are also encouraged to use their mathematical knowledge in real life situations to help improve their independent and life skills.