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Within class Holly we have 9 pupils and 4 adults; Miss Hewitt (class teacher), Miss Button (TA), Miss Barnes (TA) and Miss Ditchfield (TA).

In class Holly we explore and learn in lots of different ways using all of our senses to explore and learn new skills. Our lessons are busy, varied and fun! One of the key focus’ within our curriculum is developing children’s language, communication and interaction skills. We have a busy school year ahead of us; recapping previous learning, building on our key skills and exploring new topics.

We hope you enjoy reading about our learning journey through our class page.

Key Information

Day Key activity

Every Monday afternoon we visit soft play. This is very good for our gross motor skills and developing interactions .It’s lots of fun! 


 Attention Autism Session


 Physical Education

Homework returned to school



Attention Autism


Homework sent out


Other key information:

The children have access to a variety of sensory experiences throughout their school day including; sensory ‘light’ room, sensory circuits’ and sensory trays within class.

We also have regular Attention Autism sessions that help to develop our concentration, attention, functional language skills and turn taking.

We have access to great outdoor areas each day with a trampoline, swing and climbing frame and love to spend time outside exploring and learning through play. 

Miss Hewit

Holly Class Teacher

Miss Button

Holly Class TA

Miss Barnes

Holly Class TA


We all participate in daily communication activities; these may be through our Attention Autism sessions, focused speech and language English lessons, 1:1 structured sessions or just through using the visual supports around our class, such as choose boards and visual timetables. These help the children to understand what is happening throughout the day and to communicate the things they want or need. We work closely with Sophie, our Speech and Language Therapist, to develop targets and activities to help all our pupils to progress.


Our sensory programs are based upon lengthy observations of the children and we have worked closely with Shine Therapy to put in place a range of strategies to support children’s sensory integration and, in turn, their ability to attend to activities calmly throughout the day. These strategies involve the use of sensory circuits, relaxation activities, learning using a multi-sensory approach and messy play. The children also benefit from a weekly trip to soft play which is always lots of fun as well as great sensory time.

Physical Education & Development

Pupils have access to many outdoor areas which have trampolines, climbing apparatus and sensory equipment to choose from. In class pupils work specifically on fine and gross motor skills through a variety of activities including cosmic yoga & sensory circuits. The pupils also access soft play activities off site to ensure a broad and balanced curriculum is available with a variety of learning environments.