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Within class Redwood, we have 8 pupils and 3 adults; Mr. Tranter (class teacher)  and Miss Waine (TA). We are an excellent mix of characters and are looking forward to a fantastic year. We love to celebrate each other’s successes and achievements and enjoy getting lots of SLEUTH points for working hard. We have a big focus on becoming more independent, resilience, health and social interactions as well as learning from our school curriculum. We have an exciting school year ahead of us; recapping previous learning and rebuilding our key skills as we look forward to learning new topics. Every day will start with individual tasks designed to help with learning independently.

We hope you enjoy reading about our learning journey through our class page.

Key Information 


PE (games) Kit with outdoor footwear required


RE and PHSE with Mrs Toal


Science with Mrs Toal



Homework set (Education City)

Music with Mr Jones

Mr Tranter

Redwood Class Teacher

Miss Waine

Redwood Class TA


We all participate in daily communication activities; these may be through 1:1 structured sessions or just through using the visual supports around our class, such as feelings and emotions boards, volume levels and visual timetables. These help the children to understand what is happening throughout the day and to communicate with staff. Selected pupils take part in Lego therapy to help develop individual and social communication. All pupils work through the phonics stages to become more confident readers both individually and in front of others. We work closely with Sophie, our Speech and Language Therapists, to develop targets and activities to help all our pupils to progress.


Our sensory programs are based upon lengthy observations of the children and we have worked closely with Shine Therapy to put in place a range of strategies to support children’s sensory integration and, in turn, their ability to attend to activities calmly throughout the day. These strategies involve the use of sensory circuits, relaxation activities, Thera-putty and bands and the Daily Mile. The children also benefit from sensory trays and sensory breaks throughout the school day. There is always access to quiet spaces when needed.

Physical Education & Development

Pupils have access to many outdoor areas which have trampolines, climbing apparatus and sensory equipment to choose from. Selected pupils work on fine and gross motor skills through a variety of activities including cosmic yoga & sensory circuits. The pupils get 2 hours of Physical Education where they get to take part in both traditional and new activities including Cycling, Golf and Orienteering. Throughout the year pupils will get the opportunity to attend Swimming lessons at Stockbridge Village Leisure Centre as well as high quality coaching sessions in Gymnastics, Yoga, Dance and Multi-Sports. Many pupils in KS2 will get the opportunity to compete against other schools through our competition partners KSSP and Greenbank College.