Welcome to Willow Class page we hope you enjoy looking through our photos and having a nose at what activities we have been up to so far this year, since the beginning of September. We are an EYFS/key stage 1 based class. Class Willow consists of 9 amazing boys and 3 incredible Teaching assistants.

Class Willow have made a fantastic start to the new school year and we are really thriving to learn and enjoying getting to know our new friends, as we have 2 brand new children to our school. We have settled fantastically into our new classroom environment and are becoming more and more familiar with our daily routines. Our favourite days are Wednesday as we have soft play and Friday as we have Music with Miss Cooper and we are loving our messy play sessions of a Friday afternoon too, we love to get creative and help our teachers’ setup the trays for us to explore in. As soon as we see the trays being set up our socks and shoes are off in seconds!


Key Information


Day Key activity

Art with Mrs Kearney



The Rainbow fish topic work




Soft play- 9;30-10;30am

Attention Autism (bucket)



Messy Play afternoon- 01;30pm

Homework to be sent home to return the following Friday.


Miss Henry

Willow Class Teacher

Ms Evangelides

Willow Class TA

Mrs McKlellan

Willow Class TA


Communication is key to our learning and we use communication in a range of ways throughout the day. We use our choose board, visual timetable and visuals around our classroom to help us communicate to one another and to understand what the day entails. Class Willow enjoy participating in our communication focused sessions whether this be Attention Autism, 1:1 speech and language sessions or Intensive Interaction. These sessions help our children improve their speaking and listening skills so they are continuously developing their receptive and expressive language and improving their attention and focus for longer periods of time. We work closely with Sophie, our Speech and Language Therapist, to develop targets and activities to help all our pupils to continue to grow and make good progress with their language.


Our sensory input is timetabled into our everyday routine and regularly to help the children regulate themselves. We have sensory tray and a tuff tray in the morning for the children to explore and play. We then have a sensory hour that consists of light room sessions, sensory circuits and trampoline time to get us energised and alert. Our sensory programmes are constructed and improved as the year goes on to ensure that it serves its purpose and are they are very thoroughly constructed to best meet the needs of the children whether this be collectively during group sessions or individually to support our learners. We are lucky enough to have an OT that work closely with each class and provides us with strategies and plans to be implemented into learning to best support our pupils. These strategies involve the use of relaxation activities, organising tasks and messy play. The children also benefit from a weekly trip to soft play which is always lots of fun as well as great sensory time.

Physical Education & Development

Our children have the opportunity each day to access our outdoor area and enjoying learning outdoors and playing games. Our pupils have access to trampolines, climbing apparatus, sensory circuit’s sessions and sensory equipment to choose from in class. Our pupils work hard on improving their fine motor skills through a range of tasks, threading, cutting and developing our pencil control and grip. The pupils also access soft play and sensory swimming activities off site to ensure a broad and balanced curriculum is available with a variety of learning environments.