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Speech & Language Therapy at Knowsley Central


Our Speech & Language Service

At Knowsley Central School, we believe communication is central to learning.

The school aims to provide a ‘whole school approach’ in supporting and promoting pupil’s language and communication skills. In 2019 the school achieved accreditation as a ‘Communication Friendly School’. All pupils at Knowsley Central benefit from a highly skilled staff base.

Knowsley Central school is currently working in partnership with Bridge Speech Therapy Ltd. to provide Speech and Language Therapy (SaLT) input directly within the school.

Within Knowsley Central we have a Communication Team consisting of:

  • An Independent Speech & Language Therapist (Sophie Crilly)
  • Three Communication Lead Practitioners (CLP)
  • Two Teaching Assistants who have a designated role in speech, language & communication (SLC) support across the whole school.

School also employ a large number of teaching staff who have received training in promoting and developing pupil’s speech, language and communication skills.

Three Tiers of Speech & Language Therapy (SALT) Provision

Provision of Speech and Language Therapy services within school are described in terms of:

  • Universal = whole school support
  • Targeted = some children within school require more support to meet their communication needs.
  • Specialist = essential for a few children who require the SALT’s expertise to complete diagnostic speech & language assessments and specialist therapy interventions.


The underlying premise is that all children within Knowsley Central access the Universal level within school, and some children will access Targeted and/or Specialist levels of interventions, based on the needs of the child at a given moment in time.

It is expected children will move through the different levels at different stages of their learning journey & time within school. Some may start at Specialist (e.g. assessment or 1:1 direct therapy with the SALT) and then move to a different tier. Other pupils may start at Universal (e.g. whole school approach), and then following joint discussions with teaching staff & parents may require more targeted interventions (e.g. access a SALT programme delivered by teaching staff). It is a fluid and changing provision.

Not all children will be seen directly by the Speech & Language Therapist (SALT), but the SALT works jointly and collaboratively with all teaching staff to ensure they incorporate language and communication strategies into everyday teaching practice across the school day.

Types of Support/Input may include:

  • Diagnostic SALT assessments to ascertain a child’s language & communication levels/needs.
  • Support, advice & training for teachers/parents to ensure all children have an appropriate means/way to communicate their needs & wants. A ‘Total Communication approach’ is encouraged within school: use of objects, PECS, Makaton Key word signs, High-tech AAC systems & spoken language.
  • Modelling and implementing strategies and therapy techniques within the classroom and with individual parents, to ensure specific approaches are embedded in the child’s everyday environment at both school and home.
  • To work collaboratively with teaching staff to incorporate SLC targets into Individual Education Plans (IEP)
  • Targeted interventions in school may include:
    • Attention Autism sessions
    • Lego-based Therapy Groups
    • Social-Skills Groups
    • Word Finding & Vocabulary Groups
    • Intensive Interaction sessions

Contact Information:

For further information or advice about the Speech and Language Therapy provision and support available in school then please do not hesitate to contact the Speech & Language Therapist via the main office in school: 0151 477 8450

Further Information

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