At Knowsley Central School we employ a Speech and Language Therapist Sophie Crilly who works in school one day a week.

Sophie work’s closely with teachers, teaching assistants, parents and a range of other professionals in order to develop student’s communication skills to their full potential.

Privacy Policy – Speech and Language Therapy

Parent Consent Letter

What is the role of the Speech & Language Therapist?


Assessment of your child’s needs may involve the following:

  • Observation and informal assessment tasks
  • Talking to teaching staff and other professionals
  • Talking to you and your child
  • Formal assessment

Your child’s communication needs will change and develop, therefore we will need to re-assess skills at various times during the year. We will keep you up-dated on the outcome of assessment.

Setting Goals

Every child is different and their communication needs vary, therefore your child’s intervention will be individually tailored to meet their needs. This means that your child’s intervention is likely to be different to other children’s.

When assessment or evaluation of previous goals has been completed, the Speech and Language therapist will look at the results and set appropriate goals for your child – these will be written on an intervention plan and shared with you, education staff and any other relevant professionals.

If your child is to achieve success with their goals the Speech and Language Therapist, Class Teacher, Teaching Assistant and Parents/Carer must work together – one person or professional cannot achieve this by working alone.


The Speech and Language Therapist will support your child’s communication needs by:

  • working with education staff and other professionals;
  • preparing programmes of intervention;
  • supporting education staff and parents to carry out intervention programmes;
  • attending meetings with other professionals;
  • providing training to staff supporting your child;
  • meeting with parents/carers;
  • working individually with your child;working with your child as part of a group;
  • working with education staff to implement whole class strategies;
  • working with education staff to help your child re-integrate into mainstream school or other educational setting as required, or to transfer successfully to high school;
  • working with NHS Speech and Language Therapist when necessary.

Although your child may not always receive direct intervention from the Speech and Language Therapist, we will always work to provide your child with the most appropriate support to meet their needs.


How can you contact her?

You can contact Sophie Crilly through the main school number on 0151 477 8450

Further Information

You may wish to take a look at these websites for more information: