Wellbeing award

Workplace Wellbeing Charter

“To provide and promote a learning environment that proactively encourages social inclusion and positive mental and emotional wellbeing, enabling all pupils, staff and the wider school community to feel valued, listened to and supported.”



5 Ways to Wellbeing Model

  Across school. all pupils’ and teachers’ work hard to ensure that our own and each others wellbeing needs are being met and that wellbeing is a priority within our school community. Recently, our school was awarded the, ‘Wellbeing Award for School,’ which is something we are very proud of because it demonstrates how wellbeing is at the heart of our school curriculum. 

Across school, we follow and implement the 5 Ways to Wellbeing Model in all that we do. This ensures that we are helping everyone within our school community find the correct balance, build resilience and confidence and boost mental health and wellbeing.