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KCS Curriculum Overview & Intent

Knowsley Central Curriculum 

Our pupils at Knowsley Central have a wide range of needs, including pupils that have an autistic spectrum condition (ASC) diagnosis, severe learning difficulties (SLD) and social emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs. Our curriculum reflects these differing needs and is meaningful and relevant for our pupils.  It is highly personalised curriculum and aims to develop pupil’s academic and communication skills, their independence and their ability to function in everyday life.  All children are baselined when they first start at Knowsley Central and this information is used help us place them into a Learning Pathway suitable for their needs.

Our Formal Curriculum 

Children at Knowsley Central follow a curriculum based on the Early Learning Goals or the National Curriculum according to their need.  Our English and Maths curriculum is highly personalised and organised in a logical order so that basic knowledge and understanding of key skills are developed to allow children to function in everyday life.

Foundation subjects follow a progression of skills across our Learning Pathways to ensure that knowledge and skills are embedded and built on across school.

Across school our formal curriculum is taught using a Thematic Approach which is designed to engage and motivate our pupils.


Our Informal Curriculum 

Our informal curriculum is an integral part of our curriculum plan and is developed within set sessions and discreetly throughout the school day.  The informal curriculum is developed to promote communication and SALT, including the development of attention and turn taking skills, OT and sensory needs, life skills, fine and gross motor skills and well-being.

At Knowsley Central we recognise the importance of play skills, eating skills, toileting skills and personal hygiene.  Targets are set for these areas and are recognised as teaching and learning time.


Our Sensory Curriculum 

Our senses provide us with information about our body and its relationship to the environment around us. They tell us where our body is positioned, how it is moving, what is happening in the environment and what impact the environment is having on us.   

Some children, particularly those who have a diagnosis of Autism experience difficulties in processing and interpreting sensory inputs which can result in an unusual or uncomfortable perception of sound, sense, touch, sight and smell.


For some children this can result in them finding it difficult to focus on planned teaching activities as their sensory issues cause discomfort or stimulation, which can result in challenging behaviour.  Therefore it is essential that school consider these difficulties, by understanding their sensory issues school are able to personalise children’s learning and implement sensory diets.


School currently work with SHINE therapies to assess individual children’s sensory needs and develop appropriate therapy programmes .  This ensures that the children at Knowsley Central are ready to engage in the fun and exciting learning opportunities offered to them.


Central has a dedicated sensory integration room for children to use but in keeping with our belief  that children should have access to the appropriate sensory input across the whole school day all areas of the school are used to provide our children with the sensory input they need. This may include daily sensory circuits, sensory activities available within individual classrooms and outdoor areas, use of bicycles and scooters and the use of individual sensory equipment such as weighed blankets and lap pads.