Learning Support Team

The Learning Support Team forms an integral part of our school.  
The Learning Support team is comprised of specialist teachers and teaching assistants who are employed by Knowsley Central School and offer consultancy to mainstream staff and specialist teaching to mainstream pupils in their own schools. We also provide literacy classes at Knowsley Central in the Oak classroom that cater for mainstream pupils who have specific literacy difficulties. Pupils attending these classes benefit from personalised programmes of work that promote self-esteem and successful learning outcomes. We work creatively and flexibly in supporting and challenging schools to promote the inclusion of all children and young people.

The Learning Support team work with schools in a co-ordinated way with other Special Educational Needs & Inclusion Services (SENIS) professionals, including the Educational Psychologist Service, ASC Advisory teachers, Inclusion Support Workers etc. to enable schools to meet the increasingly diverse needs of their pupils.

For further details of the activities our specialist teaching staff can offer in mainstream schools, please read the Specialist Support Schedule.

We offer a range of professional development opportunities to schools including Team Teach training.  This is a whole school holistic approach to behaviour support and intervention. For further information please read our Team Teach information leaflet.

Schools within Knowsley are able to become a Centre of Excellence for Dyslexia.  To find out more about the benefits for schools and the process involved, please click on the link.

The service we offer to schools is highly valued as the below quotes from our annual quality assurance questionnaire demonstrate.

 “I have been delighted with Ann (our SST). She has supported our school brilliantly and during our recent OFSTED inspection, she was an invaluable member of our team.”

 “Thank you for the excellent support.  We know we can always pick up the phone.”


For any further information please contact Virginia Johnson, Lead Specialist Teacher, at Knowsley Central School or feel free to look at our Policy for the provision for children with Specific Literacy Difficulties.