Welcome to Knowsley Central School

“Outstanding teaching ensures outstanding achievement. Pupils make outstanding progress in their English and mathematics skills so that they are able to use them in their everyday lives by the time they leave school.”






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Hello and welcome to our school website.

We  hope that our website gives you an opportunity to share in our school life and keeps you up to date with our special events, news and celebrations. Our school is a very special place where children enjoy their education and make excellent progress.

We work in close partnership with our parents, carers, cluster schools and the wider community to provide a rich, creative, active and inclusive learning community for everyone.  Within the school’s provision is a highly trained and multi-professional team who work with other agencies to provide a wide range of co-ordinated services for children and families.

Knowsley Central School is a community that nurtures and supports each pupil, that values everyone’s unique worth and contribution, that empowers every member to achieve his/her full potential and that opens up a world of opportunities.

It is a place of safety where firm boundaries guide and support; where high expectations lead to life-long learning; where care and respect build self esteem and self belief.

Knowsley Central School is a Restorative school whose core values are; respect, caring, fairness, tolerance, responsibility and honesty.

Restorative Practices aim to build Knowsley Central School’s community and to strengthen and repair its members’ relationships.

We aim to make our school motto a reality;

Everyone is a Star and can Shine in our Learning Community  

Restorative Practice

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