Class Sycamore has 3 adults; Miss Napier (class teacher), Miss Burness (TA) and Mrs Beresford (TA) with 9 children. We enjoy learning all of the curriculum subjects in lots of different ways. We also experience sensory activities, relaxation and working on our social skills.  Each day we practice our spelling, handwriting and reading.  We celebrate our learning and behaviour by getting Sleuth Points and prizes from the Prize Box.  We are looking forward to a great year together as Class Sycamore.

Key Information

Tuesday – PSHE with Mrs Blower.  PE with Harry the sports coach.

Friday – Music with Mr Jones. 

Homework will be sent home on a Friday and is to be returned to school the following Wednesday.  Homework will be a piece of English, Maths and PSHE work. 

Miss Napier

Sycamore Class Teacher

Mrs Beresford

Sycamore Class TA

Miss Burness

Sycamore Class TA


We all participate in daily communication activities.  We start the day by identifying and talking about our feelings using our Lego Feelings Board.  We also share news as a class.  In all curriculum lessons the children are building their communication skills by working with teachers and each other.  Some children work with our Speech and Language Therapist, Sophie Crilly.  The work she does with them, and the targets set, are continued within class.  Communication is such an important focus, alongside the learning, in Class Sycamore that the children earn bonus points for communicating well, whether it is their feelings or contributing to their learning. 


All children in Class Sycamore have sensory experiences in a variety of ways.  Some children have Sensory Diets which have been advised by an Occupational Therapist from Shine Therapy.  These include Sensory Circuits, Rebound Therapy, Daily Mile and the use of specific sensory equipment.  Within class all children use Sensory Trays and complete activities to develop their fine and gross motor skills.  Each afternoon the children have a relaxation session to prepare and focus them for learning. 

Physical Education & Development

For PE, Class Sycamore are taught by Harry our PE coach.  They take part in a variety of games and learn the skills to play them.  They also complete a Daily Mile.  Children access the outdoor areas of school which includes the playground, trampolines and climbing frames.  Our sensory activities also help to develop physical skills such as fine and gross motor skills.