Student Leaders

Student voice is greatly valued at Central School; the establishment of the student leader group in partnership with governors  in September 2013 has proved a forum for our KS3 students and primary pupils to come together to be genuinely listened to and contribute to developments and activities in the school such as:

  • School Improvement Priorities
  • Participating in school learning walks with governors
  • Making presentations to governor committee groups
  • Fulfilling a specific role in the parent/carer workshops in implementing Restorative Practice into our school community
  • Making sure they can contribute to school improvement, and making suggestions as to how the student planner can be improved.

The student leaders have written their own terms of reference and rules to being a member of the group. They have set their own school improvement targets that can be viewed using the following links.

Students speak with confidence and can articulate clearly their feelings about being a member of the group “I enjoy coming and feel proud to represent others”. “I feel we need to listen carefully and listen to all who want to speak”.

The student leader group promotes student independence, capitalising on opportunities for them to take responsibility for themselves and the things they are doing. It develops a range of skills such as self-organisation, punctuality, being a good role model, communication and social skills.


Liam Paris
Callum Frankie
Jackie Lilly
Lorna Jamie



This area is to promote educational and fun websites for all the family to share.

As we research and find suitable websites, we will add them to the site. If you find any that you think should be included, please feel free to email them to student leaders:


A link to lots of websites that will be useful for parents and children to engage in activities together:

An excellent site for brilliant photography, news on animals and the environment:

Designed to engage young learners in various music activities, lots to do and print out:

Lots of advice and tips to help parents share their ideas and experiences with each other:

Create your own superhero. You can choose a name, face and costume, then add finer details to your character:

Contains lots of games, children’s TV catch up, activities and Newsround: