Year 7 Catch up Funding Strategy

Year 7 catch up funding spending and review 2016 / 2017
Number of children who did not achieve level 4 reading and /or maths level in KS2 8
Year 7 catch up funding pupil allocation £500
Current grant for year 2016/2017 £4000
As an SEN school the majority of our year 7 pupils arrive at our school working below national expectations for their age. As a school we have small classes and ensure that all pupils in year 7 have access to quality teaching. We use the year 7 catch up funding to allow a TA to support in one English lesson per week in each of the KS3 classes, which allows 1-1 work with a TA targeting reading or to allow small group work with a teacher as quality teaching time to develop literacy.

All year 7 pupils achieved expected targets for literacy and numeracy, however due to SEN all pupils are still working below age related expectations.