attendanceWe are really keen that your child misses as little school as possible. Did you know that if a child consistently misses 19 school days a year (that’s 90% attendance) throughout their schooling they could miss ONE WHOLE YEAR of their education?

Missing children in the class environment do cause considerable disruption for the teachers and can affect not only the progress of the missing child, but of others in the group too. The teachers have asked us to let you know that it is particularly disruptive if your child misses the beginning or end of term.

Please do help us to give your children the best possible education and keep absences down. Please:

Our biggest numbers of absences often result from parents taking holidays in term time. It must be stressed that time off school for holidays is granted entirely at the Head teacher’s discretion and it is not an automatic right. Time should only be requested when it is really impractical or impossible for any other time to be used.

  • Keep appointments to after school or during holidays where possible so that your child does not miss valuable school time.
  • Notify us when your child is away from school with a phone call or a note on the first day of absence
  • Provide us with a written note/letter of explanation when your child returns to school after an absence, or call in to school and ask to speak to the Head teacher or Associate head teacher.

Attendance Guide for Parents and Carers


Valid Absences

All absences must be notified in advance, and in writing where at all possible.

There are two types of absences, authorised and unauthorised. Authorisation will usually be granted for the following reasons provided the school is correctly notified:

Illness, Medical Appointments and Examinations, Days of Religious Observance

Registration – Arrival

Some children attend breakfast club at 8:30. Children are ready to go into school at 8.55. Pupils are led into their class following the daily whistle at 8.55 and after lunch at 12.55 when your child will be registered. We will, however, always make an enquiry linked to an absence that occurs without explanation and in some cases may make a home visit. All late comers must report to the school office. We endeavour to encourage all pupils to attend school even if your child has been delayed at home for example linked to a medical issue.

Regular lateness, which is monitored monthly, will result in a letter from the school advising of the issue. All attendance records of 95% or less will be monitored monthly by the Associate head teacher and discussed with the LA attendance officer assigned to the school. Continuing lateness or absences could eventually lead to prosecution.

Informing the school

It is the parents/carers’ responsibility to advise the school of any absence immediately or as soon as practical; in person, by note or by phone 0151 477 8450.


Top Tips for Attendance

Please click on the link to download our Attendance Guidance