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This year, Class Redwood has been investigating the Horror genre and started to explore the characteristics of horror through language analysis. This has helped all of the class to improve their descriptive writing by setting the scene and the using adjectives to describe the atmosphere.



Class Redwood working towards our ASDAN qualification. Here are some pictures showing us using teamwork and problem solvingĀ to create a newspaper tower capable of holding a Wispa bar.



We are learning how important it is to be able to follow instructions. This has included using instructions to guide our partner safely around the classroom and Following instructions to create a paper aeroplane. When we were all finished we had a competition to see how far our aeroplanes could fly.


Physical Education

This term Redwood has been looking at Fitness and Athletics as part of their PE lessons. One of the big successes has been the opening of the KS3 gym where pupils have the opportunity to use the rowing machines, cross trainers, spinning bikes, treadmills, bosu balls and boxing pads. Pupils understand the importance of exercise in terms of maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle.