KS3 Mathematics

Welcome to our Key Stage 3 Mathematics page. Please click below to view our overview of our curriculum. We hope you enjoy finding out about what we have been learning!

KS3 Maths Overview – Mrs Connolly

Miss Connolly’s Maths Group

My maths group have started the new school year by completing some initial assessments with a focus on number. We have completed our first mini topic on Estimation and Rounding 5 and 6 digit numbers to the nearest 10, 000 and 100, 000. For the rest of this half term, the children’s learning will focus on ‘Ratio Notation’ and ‘Algebra’. The children will also have weekly maths IEP sessions focusing on their IEP numeracy targets for this term. Each week, the children will consolidate their learning by completing an online ‘KAHOOT’ quiz and a mental maths test taking place on each Friday. This term, the children’s  mental maths test will focus on repeated addition, multiplying by the powers of ten, division skills and problem solving involving money.


The children have been investigating nets and matching them to the correct 3d shape. They have been exploring 2d drawings to build 3d shapes as well as drawing their own nets using given dimensions. We have identified the properties of common and uncommon 3d shapes and used the correct mathematical vocabulary to describe the 3d shapes in our world.