KS3 Computing

Welcome to our Key Stage 3 Computing page. We hope you enjoy finding out about what we have been learning…

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KS3 Computing Overview



Class Mulberry’s learning this term is focused on the topic, What is Technology? The children will be exploring a variety of technological pieces and researching reasons why people use technology. The children will also have several e-safety sessions using SMART to ensure their safety when using the internet.


Class Redwood’s learning this term is focused on the topic Young Authors with an emphasis on digital literacy and information technology. During this project,  the children will develop a story idea in small groups to create a storyboard.  The children will then use Book Creator and Brushes to create their own eBook including text, illustrations and audio.


Class Rowan’s learning this term is focused on the topic, Code Breakers with an emphasis on computer coding. The children will be introduced to the concept of coding and how codes can be deciphered.  The children will be specifically learning about binary code and converting it to and from texts; deciphering and creating their own codes.