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We hope you enjoy finding out about what we have been learning.

Key information this term

  • P.E will take place on a Monday afternoon.
  • We have Art lessons on a Thursday morning.
  • We have a games coach in on a Monday afternoon.
  • Homework goes home on a Friday and is due in the following Thursday.

Click here to download the Juniper Class Parents overview for Autumn 2018 Term


Class Juniper have made a fantastic start to the new school year. We have enjoyed lots of new topics and areas of learning.

No pens day

Class Juniper put down their pens and picked up their language on No Pens Wednesday. We took part in lots of communication, role play and drama activities across the day.

Design Technology

We have investigated, researched, designed, made and evaluated our own photograph frames in Design Technology. We are looking forward to taking them home to share with our families.

Peer Massage

The children is Class Juniper have been taking part in Peer Massage sessions. The children have found it a good way to relax after a busy day in class.

A sensory walk around our Millennium Garden

The pupils in Class Juniper enjoyed a sensory walk around our Millennium Garden as part of our Science topic. We enjoyed learning outside and discovering new things.

Do Jo Points

Class Juniper are trying their very best to earn lots of Do Jo Points. We can earn Do Jo Points for lots of different things e.g. tidying up, independent work, sharing, reading at home, being a good friend and homework. We used paint and straws to create our own Do Jo Character.

Pirate stories

Our topic in English has been pirate stories. Our favourite story has been ‘The Night Pirates’. We enjoyed pretending to be pirates and acting out the story.

Peer reading scheme

Class Juniper has recently started a peer reading scheme. We have been working in pairs to listen to each other read and give feedback to our partner.

All About Me

Our topic in PHSE is All About Me. We talked about our personal likes and dislikes and shared these with our friends. Then we created our own life sized pictures of ourselves.


Class Juniper have been investigating place value in Maths. We have been thinking about different ways to create numbers.

Things we are good at

We have been thinking carefully about the things we are good at. We recorded our strengths on pieces of paper and then joined them altogether to make a Class Juniper paper chain. We worked together as one class team.

Our first day

We made bright and colourful trees on our first day in Class Juniper. We took them home to share with our family.

Chinese New Year

Class Juniper took part in an afternoon of activities linked with Chinese New Year. We made dragon puppets, masks, sampled some food using chopsticks and opened fortune cookies.

British Values

The pupils in Class Juniper have enjoyed exploring the meaning of British Values and creating their own posters to explore this theme. We have created some fantastic Art work linked with our Queen and British landmarks and we even designed our own Beatles album covers! Our favourite part of the week was having our very own afternoon tea party. The pupils worked together to make the food, drinks and decorations. We had a lovely afternoon!


Class Juniper enjoyed taking part in a series of yoga lessons led by a specialist yoga teacher. We tried hard to do the different poses and stretches and we finished each session with some relaxation time.

Juniper Update

We had fun making our own play dough. We added paint to change to the colour, glitter to give it a bit of sparkle and oils to make it smell nice.

We had lots of fun celebrating Christmas at Central. We made our own party hats, enjoyed a lovely Christmas dinner, had a class party, did some Christmas cooking and even had a visit from Santa himself!

We have been learning all about money this term. We have taken parts in lots of activities and we even have our own class shop now in our role play area.

Rangoli Patterns

Class Juniper created their own Rangoli Patterns on the playground using chalk. The children made sure they used lots of bright colours.

Map Making

The pupils went into the Millennium Garden to create their own maps in Geography. They thought carefully about what symbols to use.

Diwali Pots

The pupils have been learning all about Diwali – The Festival of Lights in RE. We designed, made and decorated our own Diwali pots. They are now on display in our classroom.


Peer Reading

The pupils took part in their first peer reading session. The pupils have time to listen to each other read and then make a comment in their reading records.

Imagine That

Class Juniper enjoyed our trip to Imagine That. We took part in Science experiments, art workshops and had lots of fun in the role play area. It was a great day!


Cake Sale

Class Juniper made, decorated and sold cakes to staff around the school. All  money raised went towards the cost of our school trip to Imagine That.


Class Juniper have enjoyed exploring different sensory experiences in school.


Class update – 14th September 2017

We made our own Class Do Jo paintings to match our characters on the screen. We have been busy earning lots of Do Jo points!

We made our own Class Juniper Trees to take home on the first day in our new class. They are very colourful!

We have been working hard in Maths learning all about place value.

We wrote down our qualities and skills on pieces of paper and then we joined them together to make our own Class Juniper paper chain – we are all different but together we are a team!!

Class update

In RE the pupils have been learning about the festival of Diwali. They have made and painted their own clay diva pots and designed mendhi patterns.

Class Juniper have been taking part in weekly swimming lessons. The pupils have listened well to the specialist swimming teachers and their confidence in the water and skills have improved greatly over the term.

The pupils have shown a huge interest in Science lessons so far this term. We have focused upon healthy eating choices, different food groups and planning a balanced meal. We conducted an investigation into the amount of sugar contained in a wide range of popular drinks. The pupils were shocked to discover how many spoonfuls of sugar each drink contained!

In Geography the pupils have been reflecting on their local area and identifying different land uses. The pupils have been learning about map symbols and they have even created their own maps. There has also been opportunities to access online maps and Google Earth.

In PHSCE the pupils have worked together to create a positive comments book for each person in the class. During this activity the pupils had the opportunity to record positive comments about each other.

Martin Mere

Class Juniper have visited Martin Mere wildfowl reserve. The students have observed lots of birds and even take part in a bug hunt!

Imagine That

Class Juniper have had a fabulous time visiting Imagine That! The boys were able to use lots of science materials and carry out experiments from making exploding volcanoes and rockets to creating their very own green slime!

Cake Sale

Class Juniper have been making cakes to help raise funds for our school trip to Imagine that. The class managed to make £30.00 and really enjoyed their trip!

Easter Surprise!

Look who visited Class Juniper!


The children from class Juniper have been attending a weekly cycling workshop



Class Juniper are learning new postures and relaxation techniques by attending weekly yoga sessions.


Junior Chef

Class Juniper have been taking part in a 5 week Healthy eating “Junior Chef” course.

RSPB Visit

Junior Chefs – Fruit Kebabs

 Sensory Play

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral Trip


Making Play Dough


CAFT Christmas Trip


The pupils have enjoyed taking part in a series of gymnastics lessons led by a specialised coach.



The pupils created their own instructions to help them create their own edible spiders!


Diva Pots

The pupils used clay to make their own diva lamps as part of our Diwali topic. We then painted them in bright colours.


Zoo Lab

The pupils enjoyed learning about different animals in our zoo lab sessions.

Remembrance Day

Class Juniper completed some work around Remembrance Day events and the significance of the poppy

Asda Visit

The pupils in Class Juniper took part in a healthy eating trail around Asda. We visited the different parts of the store and we even had the opportunity to have a go on the checkout.

Class Juniper are looking forward to an exciting term with lots of opportunities to develop our skills and knowledge across the curriculum.