Welcome to Class Blossom

Welcome to Class Blossom. We have had a busy Autumn Term so far. Our key aims this term have been to develop the children’s communication skills, adapt to a new daily routine, develop and use sensory programmes with the help of Shine Therapy and work on our independence and play skills. We have also been developing our understanding of the world by celebrating special occasions such as Halloween, Bonfire Night and the children’s birthdays as well as our recent school trip to Space Centre.


We all participate in daily communication activities; these may be through our Attention Autism sessions, Intensive Interaction, 1:1 structured sessions or just through using the visual supports around our class, such as choose boards and visual timetables. These help the children to understand what is happening throughout the day and to communicate the things they want or need. We work closely with Kate and Sophie, our Speech and Language Therapists, to develop targets and activities to help all the children to progress.

Sensory Input

Our sensory programmes are based upon lengthy observations of the children and we have worked closely with Shine to put in place a range of strategies to support children’s sensory integration and, in turn, their ability to attend to activities calmly throughout the day. These strategies involve the use of sensory circuits, relaxation activities and messy play. The children also benefit from a weekly trip to soft play which is always lots of fun as well as great sensory time.

Knowledge of the World

We always have great fun celebrating special occasions. This term we have had a Halloween party, created some Bonfire Night art and celebrated a few birthdays too! The children also had a wonderful time on their recent school trip to Space Centre. After lots of fun in the sensory room, the children used choose boards to select what they wanted for lunch – a great way of generalising their methods of communication in a different environment.

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